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Ji Dong-chul (Gong Yoo) was once one of the top special forces agent in North Korea, but after a change in political system, he was abandoned by his government while on a mission. He goes on the run, seeking his wife and daughter who were sold as slaves to China, only to discover their corpses. When he learns that an ex-colleague was behind their deaths, Dong-chul goes on a vendetta for revenge, defecting to the South to chase his family’s killer. Now living incognito, he searches for his nemesis during the day, and at night works as a personal chauffeur for Chairman Park, a business executive with ties to Pyongyang. One night the chairman is attacked and killed by an assassin, but not before handing over a special pair of glasses to Dong-chul. The South Korean intelligence service, a member of which frames Dong-chul for the murder, goes on the hunt for the beleaguered former spy. The manhunt is led by Min Se-hoon (Park Hee-soon), a colonel and drill sergeant with whom Dong-chul shares a past, and Kim Seok-ho (Jo Sung-ha), the director of the NIS. Aided by a feisty documentary filmmaker (Yoo Da-in), Dong-chul goes on the run again while trying to recover top-secret materials that his dying boss sent him to find.[5][6]

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