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Capture The Queen BraZZers Adult Video HD 300MB Free Download

Title : Capture The Queen
Source : BraZZers
Genres : Adult
Stars : Nikki Delano & Ricky Johnson
Director : BigWetButts Team
Language : English
Quality : HDRip
Size : 300MiB

n 1970, Martin brings tax law case to Ruth’s attention. Charles Moritz is a man from Denver who had to hire a nurse to help him care for his aging mother so he could continue to work. Moritz was denied a tax deduction for the nursing care because at the time Section 214 of the  specifically limited the deduction to “a woman, a widower or divorcée, or a husband whose wife is incapacitated or institutionalized”. The court ruled that Moritz, a man who had never married, did not qualify for the deduction. Ruth sees in this case an opportunity to begin to challenge the many laws enacted over the years that assume that men will work to provide for the family, and women will stay home and take care of the husband and children. She believes that if she could set a precedent ruling that a man was unfairly discriminated against on the basis of sex, that precedent could be cited in cases challenging laws that discriminate against women—and she believes that an appellate court composed entirely of male judges would find it easier to identify with a male appellant.