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Set in the year 1987, the movie depicts the life of Krishnakumar alias Kittu (Vishnu Vishal), a youth whose main ambition is to become a collector. He is influenced by the ideas of Chinnarasu (R. Parthiepan), a local leader who had also sponsored his education. Chinnarasu and Kittu try to fight against the rampant caste discrimination meted out to them by the upper caste people, but are unable to do much about it as the police and courts are biased towards the upper castes. One day, Kittu sees his classmate Gomathi (Sri Divya), who is from the upper caste, discriminate against a Dalit girl. He admonishes her publicly for her act of caste discrimination, which makes her repent her behaviour. Gomathi eventually falls in love with Kittu, but Kittu maintains a distance as they are from different castes, though he too is in love with her.

When the news spreads through the village that Gomathi is in love with Kittu, upper caste men kill Gomathi’s father and frame Kittu, who is imprisoned, but is soon released on bail as there is no evidence that he had killed Gomathi’s father. Kittu then assaults the village inspector Selvaraj (Harish Uthaman), who holds a grudge against the Dalits and was responsible for framing him for the death of Gomathi’s father. In retribution, Selvaraj arrests Kittu and thrashes him mercilessly in the police station. Kittu does not return home the next morning, despite Selvaraj’s pleas that he had released him, prompting the villagers to think that Selvaraj had killed Kittu while in custody as his hatred towards the Dalits is well known in the village. The Dalits led by Chinnarasu protest outside the police station, leading to Selvaraj’s suspension.

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