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Seenu is an orphaned street urchin who has a friend named Junnu, whose family has to transfer many times because of her father’s job. The day she was leaving, Junnu gave her phone number to Seenu written on a hundred rupee note, but that note was stolen by another street boy. While chasing him, he was hit by a car driven by Sarojini (Ramya Krishnan) and her husband Prakash (Jagapathi Babu). They later adopted him after taking him to the hospital, sarojini promised the lord that if the boy survived she will do something good to boy. She and her husband adopted seenu because they had no child, and also to fulfil her promise.The boy agrees to live with them.

After fourteen years has passed, Sreenu (whose name is changed to Avinash) / (Akhil Akkineni) along with Junnu (whose name is changed to Priya) / (Kalyani ) are both living affluent lifestyles but are not happy without each other. He finally found her whereabouts on a whim by listening to a tune they created during childhood (in a wrong call) and caller says location is in a music fest but then suddenly a street thug steals his phone. So, he set out to get it back in order to reconcile with Junnu.

Meanwhile, flashback reveals his journey with Sarojini and Prakash as a happy family. Priya is sad in Delhi thinking about Seenu and gets to know that her father is transferred to the States. Before leaving for US, she thinks of finding Sreenu in Hydrabad and to attend her close friend’s wedding. Avinash went to airport to pick her mother and he saw Priya there for the first time (Priya and Avinash’s mother met on the same flight). And Priya and Avinash met again as Priya was distributing 100 rs to poor children, Avinash seek her out out of curiosity as who is such a generous girl. Then they introduced each other. And coincidentally they met each other again when Priya went to return his mother’s ring ( which Avinash’s mother intentionally put in her purse in the flight to check her character, as she wanted to set her up with her son) and they eventually became close but one day Avinash heard his mother talking about how he has forgotten Junnu and felt sad again, at the same time Priya is reminded of srennu and they didn’t answered each others call and met. Until Avinash’s mother calls Priya and invites her to come and meet her. But she run away from there being hurt as Avinash’s mother asks her if she would like to marry his son but she said she has someone in her heart.

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