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Genres: Action , 
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HDRip
Size: 968mb
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Writers: Gautham Menon, Ritesh Shah


The film starts with . (John Abraham) in the hospital, recalling the accident that changed his life forever. is a dutiful, responsible and stone-police officer in the Narcotics Control Bureau whose only passion in life is crime-fighting. He has no family or loved ones and has been alone in life since he can remember. Everything changes when meets Maya (), an independent and lovely woman. Though the two get off to a rocky start, Maya warms up to him once she realises he is a police officer, and apologises for the misunderstandings they had. When Maya gets hit by a car in front of , he rushes her to the hospital. With that, the two bond and start to meet and go out regularly. Maya confesses her love to , but refutes her advances, as he does not want her to become his weakness in his professional life. However, (), the wife of co-worker and good friend, convinces that he is in love with Maya as well and decides to get married to her.

In the big drug case the unit is investigating, , along with officers from the Narcotics Control Bureau, (M ) who is transferred on special duty from the New Delhi Income Tax Department, () and Inspector , kills () while he is peddling drugs. , & are suspended for killing instead of arresting him. heartless and aggressive brother Vishnu () vows to avenge his brother’s death by killing all of the officers. and the other officers prepare themselves for Vishnu, but Vishnu successfully breaks into home and brutally murders him after raping his wife (Nair). The event leaves and the other officers shaken but and Maya’s marriage take place. Meanwhile, Vishnu decides to attack each of the officers’ weaknesses; he kidnaps , wife, and is forced to tell him where will be that night. and Maya consummate their marriage; however, this proves to be their first and last night together.

is shot and Maya is kidnapped in the attack. miraculously survives the attack. Vishnu tells that he will release if kills . However, cannot bring himself to kill his friend and instead joins forces with to execute a plan against Vishnu and save and Maya. They find that Vishnu has been keeping Maya and hostage and find, in horror, that has been murdered. In despair and heartbreak, kills himself after seeing body. and go together and face Vishnu in a final confrontation. is shot but survives. Vishnu shoots Maya in front of and drops her from the second floor. catches her but is unable to save her. Maya assures that she has gotten her wish of being with him and dies in arms. Anger and sorrow build up in and he brutally finishes off Vishnu, exacting his revenge.

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