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Karan (Jay Bhanushali) is a singer/musician who moves to a new house in Mumbai along with his friends. He often helps his sister Radhika (Shivani Tanksale) and Andy – his sister’s colleague (both are fashion photographers) with music for their fashion shows.

Radhika wants to get her friend Meera (Sunny Leone) for her fashion shows featuring in India but Meera is reluctant. Hence, Radhika with the help of her friend Andy (VJ Andy) take her to India on an aeroplane by making her drunk( induced drowsiness). After they arrive in India, Meera discovers the truth and gets angry. Meanwhile, her mood changes as she sees Rajasthani girls playing a traditional game and starts to play with them forgetting her plight.

While in India, Meera meets royalty -Ranveer Singh (Mohit Ahlawat), a Rajput prince, in Rajasthan. The two eventually fall in love and get married. The prince Ranveer is in middle of a property dispute with his cousin Bikram Singh (Jas Arora).

Meanwhile, back home, Karan has persistent dreams of someone whipping him and many times he wakes up from his sleep shouting loudly ” Leela! Leela!” . In an attempt to figure why, his friends takes him to a Pandit (Naadi palm leaf reader) who tells him that his pain is rooted in his past life of 300 years ago!

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